About Us

Our mission is to assist individuals and corporate level in discovering their ideal real estate investment worldwide. Whether you are searching for a stunning home in a desirable location like California, or seeking a luxurious villa or townhome in an exotic destination like Dubai, our team has the expertise and knowledge to fulfill your needs. With our extensive international resources and relationships, we are confident in our ability to locate precisely what you desire. We are thrilled to be a part of your journey to discover your perfect property.

Turning ideas into reality.

We are a full-service real estate development company that has been working internationally for over a decade.

Combining local expertise with a global reach, AlKhirbeet Group has built a solid reputation for developing projects on-time and on-budget, delivering exceptional results for our clients, investors and partners.

What we do

Partnered with like-minded individuals and companies, we specialize in helping our clients and investors capture their vision by collaborating with them through our engaging design and development process.

Always keeping pace with current standards and innovative trends, we provide a full range of services from consultation, design, building and subcontracting, engineering, permitting, project management, sales, and more.

We transfer your vision into an architectural framework.

Having over 25 years of combined economic and real estate developmental experience amongst our team, AlKhirebeet Group can take your must-haves, your ideas, and your dreams and translate them into concrete architectural plans and execute those plans from the foundation, to the roof, and everything in between.

Our Company structure

Alkhirbeet Group, our clients and investors appreciate that we don’t have a complicated company structure or layers of bureaucracy.

Instead, we have a strong team with decades of experience in financing, design, PR and government relations, construction, and administration — all under a single company.

We also have extensive expertise of our local market and keep our finger in International level on the pulse of emerging development opportunities in The United state.

our connections

building together

In today’s fast-paced environment and changing world, we believe that doing it alone is not the best strategy for growth. That’s why we are committed to partnering with like- minded people, investors, companies, government, community groups, etc. — anyone who shares our passion for transforming communities. Working together and mutually benefiting from the talent and strengths of our partners helps to create and accelerate results for all the stakeholders in a given project.

connecting you to...

Ali Khirbeet

CEO & Founder

Ali Khirbeet is an ambitious real estate investor, seven figure developer, and cancer survivor. He is the founder of Many successful companies , and his portfolio consists of serial successful stories. 

He is a business magnate, and his career is built on a vision to make a difference and inspire others. Therefore, his achievements were recognized and nominated by Think Realty Honors as one of the top three multi-family real estate developers in the United States.

As the founder and CEO of AL KHIRBEET GROUP, Ali has a deep-lying desire to make a difference and impact the society.

He is solely and incredibly devoted to build a positive community to create a high quality connection platform that motivate entrepreneurs to join nationwide.

He is proudly hosting multiple events and conferences throughout the year to retreat, connect, highlight and educate one another.

our Partners